Primary recently continued our exploration of Africa by shifting our focus to Ghana. Although it is a small country, about twice the size of Ohio, it has many unique characteristics.

We were so lucky to be visited by a parent, Naaborle Sackeyfio, who is from Accra, Ghana. She told us about living along The Gold Coast and shopping for arts and crafts in the marketplace. Naaborle brought a beautiful brass bracelet with a Sankofa bird. The significance of the bird is about going away and returning to home. The children also learned the word “Akwaaba” which means welcome and were treated to a traditional Ashanti tale of Anansi and the Spider by Gerald McDermott. We thank Naaborle for taking time to share her stories and experiences with us!

Ghana is where the well-known kente cloth originated, woven on looms by the Ashanti people. The children in Primary had the opportunity to work on a loom during our work period. We were also very excited to discover that Ghana is the world’s second largest producer of cacao! The students spent two weeks exploring Ghana with books, photos, musical instruments, artifacts, and games.

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