Fundraising Monday!

Nationally, our country is still in a tough economic climate, and all independent schools are feeling the effects. While we understand our families are also feeling a financial squeeze, fundraising continues to be a critical part of our annual budget. At this time, more than any, it is critical for all McGuffey families to participate in our fundraising programs.

We have carefully designed these programs so that they do not place additional financial burden on our families. They might just require taking an extra step when purchasing something you purchase day-to-day.

Each week we will be highlighting different ways to fundraise. Please participate in these programs. Encourage aunts, uncles, and grandparents to participate. These simple steps can make a huge difference in keeping tuition low and still providing the rich experience your children enjoy today.

Kroger Cards are a nearly painless way to fundraise. Purchase a Kroger Gift Card for $1 from the McGuffey office. Load this card at the customer service desk, and use it every time you purchase groceries or gasoline. The school receives 3% of your purchase price.

Did you know our Kroger Gift Card can be used at dozens of stores owned by the Kroger brand, including Ralph’s, King Sooper’s, Fred Meyer, and QFC? There is a Kroger Company store in nearly every city in this country, so relatives far and wide can participate.

If just 20 families paid for $50 of groceries and gasoline each week using a Kroger Gift Card, we could raise $1,560 in one year. Imagine if every family participated? And their grandparents? And alumni?

Please take the time to use your Kroger Gift Card. It has huge potential to pay off for McGuffey.

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