From music to staging!

The kids had their final music rehearsal for the musical last week. That means from now on rehearsals will focus on staging the musical. The kids learned that blocking rehearsals can be tedious and tiring work, that there is a lot of down time in which they need to find quiet things to do. I have asked them to bring books, journals, paper, pencils, puzzles, etc., anything to give them something quiet and productive to do during time when they are not staging. Please help your child remember to bring these things on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until the musical is performed!

Many of the kids will bring their librettos home this week as their parts must be memorized by the Monday after spring break. If you did not receive an invitation to dropbox for the recording or have questions about what your child is singing, please call or email Elizabeth!

Have a great spring break, and keep playing Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr. for your kids!

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