Criss Cross Applesauce and enter the Zig-Zag Landscape Gallery

Students in grades 4 – 7 Visual Arts finished the work on the Zig-Zag Landscape webpage! These students are wondering what else can be done with photo images. To enter the gallery go to Zig-Zag Landscape 2012. Parents can retrieve the actual art works after the Harvest Supper (10/4/12).

In music class we have moved on from group work toward recognizing faster and slower tempos. First one child walked around the room, then another and the rest of the class would decide if the second child was walking faster or slower than the first. Next, a child created a rhythm signal using a pair of calves (rhythm sticks) and a second child answered the signal on a drum but with a different tempo. Next, we spoke the rhyme Linnery Lannery Lock practicing their newly found mastery of faster and slower. With our remaining time we began learning the symbols which represent rhythm using our Chilean game Chocolate. By looking at the symbols which represent eighth and quarter notes in Chocolate, the children could begin deciphering those symbols in different rhythms. What a fantastic moment for them, to realize they can read those music symbols!

In Children’s Choir we continued with our challenge of learning the rondo, I Saw Esau. The children have learned parts I, II and III with the body rhythm component very well and now are moving on the the B and C sections. They are working so hard!  Lastly, we began a new song, Criss Cross Applesauce, a classic in Montessori classrooms the world over. It helps with rhythm as well as stretch our voices both up and down the scale. And is awfully fun!

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