Fossil Collecting

On Tuesday, October 4th, K–6 will go on a field trip fossil collecting at Hueston Woods. This will be a great hands-on experience for the K/1/2 group that will switch next week from their study of insects to studying Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs.

Third and Fourth graders will also get to see Land and Water in action as they examine the area below the spillway of the Acton Lake Dam.

Fifth and Sixth graders will bring a compass and try their hand at orienteering by leading the group from our drop off point, along a trail to the dam, and then the fossil collecting sites.

On this day, we will leave school at 9:15am (so be sure to be on time) and return in time for lunch at about noon. Please have your student dress in clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking and being outdoors all morning, and they should also bring a snack and water bottle.

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