Field Trip to Miami University Art Museum, and a puppet show.

On September 29th the entire school ventured onto Miami University campus for a half day field trip. We were entertained by a very interesting puppet, who serenaded us with several songs. We also met an adorable puppy that could have passed for alive, had it not had strings coming from its limbs and tail. The craftsmanship, time and practice that this puppeteer has put into his performance was impressive! We are appreciative of an endowment at Western College enabling the puppeteer to visit Oxford!

photo 1

After the show, grades 1–8 took a quick tour of the art museum. Most delightful to me was having a student recognize that the Hans Hofmann painting from the permanent collection was quite reminiscent of the layered paintings we did weeks ago. She is on to something… while I didn’t mention this painting to the students, it is indeed one of my favorite things in Oxford and likely was a subconscious inspiration for that project.

photo 3

Here we see McGuffey students posing with the Royal Family (except one student who preferred to duck down and avoid the paparazzi).

photo 4

As usual, there were unexpected discoveries along the way. A beautiful praying mantis that walked along the bridged arms of several children.

photo 2



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