Extended Day kids enjoy the warm weather.

Hi one and all,

Moving into warm weather means some changes to our Extended Day activities. The students will be outside playing for longer periods as the weather improves. The staff takes into consideration the activity level of the students when planning for snacks. Staff planned a high protein, more substantive snack for this past Wednesday so the students who were here until 5:30 would be able to eat at their own pace and parents would not have rush to get dinner and be at OCAC at 6:00. Thanks to Kris many of the kids now understand some of the more complex jump rope games and can play them as solitary games or with their classmates. Games of basketball and tennis take turns on the concrete court. All five tricycles are often out at the same time to the joy of our Pre-School students. Staff also takes out the large drink cooler with ice. This makes it easier for our younger students to stay well hydrated as they are outside for a longer time in warmer temperatures. Staff of Extended Day will be providing water during the upcoming SOAR activities as well. Our students are so lucky to have such a lush green playground. Lovely green space is a joy for the students as well as the grownups.

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