Elements of Literature, time and weaving on looms

The Upper Unit presented “Elements of Literature” to the pre-primary.  Working in teams, the 6/7’s picked books from the pre-primary library.  The students then decided  which elements of literature to explore and share.  They chose – theme, character, and plot. They made wonderful posters and prepared skits to present to the children – lots of fun!!! The students are beginning a unit on Time. We started thinking about what we know about time (we can measure it, it can be annoying, many types of calendars), and discussed what we wanted to learn more about (Do we all experience time the same? Can we travel through time? How does gravity affect time?). Before we go on break, we will discuss the Mayan calendar and debate the auspicious date of 12.21.12 when the Mayan calendar ends. (What does that mean?) The Upper Students have also begun a STEM project. The students are weaving on loomsthey have created. The patterns they weave are of their own design, and when they are complete, they will choose what they want to make from their weavings. It is thoughtful and relaxing to work with them on their projects. Even the hammering!

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