Drums in the Cupboard!

We will be exploring an exciting music curriculum this year. Here is a sneak peek!Music for the primary, intermediate and upper levels will be based on the Orff Method and is an ideal way to teach music in a montessori environment. Pre-primary children will still be using the Kindermusik method which flows beautifully into Orff. The Orff method was devised by Carl Orff, the composer of Carmina Burana, and involves children deeply in the creation of music and the development of their own musical knowledge. We will focus on creating, listening, analyzing and performing music. The Orff method integrates movement into music, and vice versa, as well as drama and instruments, both melodic and rhythmic. Carl Orff said, ‘Never music alone, but music connected with movement, dance and speech – not to be listened to, meaningful only in active participation.’ -Elizabeth Taylor
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