Digestion, respiration, and circulation

We have been studying the human body in science, beginning with digestion and nutrition. We read the book What Happens to a Hamburger? and traced the journey of food through the body. Ms. Torso visited us to help explain digestion. The children had many questions about this process.

We also explored My Plate (the successor to the Food Pyramid and the Four Food Groups), and how to build a healthy meal. We were able to name many favorite foods in each group: fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. We’ve been busy sorting foods into the five groups and thinking about what makes a healthy meal.

Our next Human Body topic was circulation and respiration. We learned about the three kinds of cells in our blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Each cell type has its own job. Red blood cells are like delivery trucks, taking oxygen through blood vessels to all the parts of our bodies. White blood cells fight germs, and platelets help us stop bleeding if we get a cut or scrape.

Next, we demonstrated what blood looks like under a microscope by filling a jar with Karo syrup “plasma” and candies representing the three kinds of blood cells – making sure to explain that we never eat food used for a science experiment, even if it looks yummy! We also watched a video of a white blood cell chasing a germ, which the children loved, and began our discussion of the heart and how it moves blood through our body.

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