Days 3 and 4 at Glen Helen

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We had more beautiful clear weather for our third day at Glen Helen. Students went out in their trail groups in the morning sunlight. Our third day’s programs included a Geology hike, where students learned about the types of rocks in the Glen and how they were formed. Students finished their hike at the iron-rich Yellow Spring for which Yellow Springs is named. Other hikes explored meadows, thickets, and forests, or led students through cooperative games where they were challenged to work as a team and solve problems creatively.

Afternoon fun activities included a forest hide-and-seek game where students camouflaged themselves, an exploration of survival skills, and a rousing game of Capture-the-Stick in the meadow.

In between hikes and in the evening, everyone enjoyed dorm time. Students played games, read quietly, drew, rested, or if they still had plenty of energy, went outside for another round of jumping. The highlight of the evening was the night hike, a very special experience exploring the nocturnal world.

Friday morning, everyone was tired but happy. A little rain began to fall just as the final hikes ended. Students had lunch and received farewell notes from their naturalists. After some big hugs, we waved goodbye to the Glen—until next year!

If your student loved their experience and thinks a year is much too long to wait to go back, Glen Helen offers week-long summer camps. Information is on their website (click here). The Glen is also open to day visitors, so families are free to come to the Glen, hike the trails, and see some of the areas your children have been exploring. Information is on their website for this, too.

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