Daily Activities at Glen Helen

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The Upper Unit students are enjoying the outdoors at Glen Helen this week, but what are they doing? They are hiking the Glen and learning about birds and forest animals, forest ecology, geology, and local cultural history. The students go on two hikes per day with their trail group and assigned naturalist, plus they will go on a night hike on Thursday evening to explore the Glen after dark.

Glen Helen isn’t just hiking, though; students are also having fun during their 4:30 activities where they play soccer, ultimate frisbee, and “camo” (Glen Helen’s version of hide and seek). They can also make crafts, paint or draw, bake cookies, or just relax and listen to a story. Students get to choose from one of four activities to participate in during “4:30s” so they can decide what they’d like to do after a long day on the trails.

Check back in tomorrow for more from Glen Helen.

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