Cubbies in Lower Elementary


As you have likely noticed if you have been in our Lower Elementary classroom this year, students’ cubbies were relocated from the classroom to the sunroom over the summer. This helped open up a significant amount of space in our classroom, and students have been taking great advantage of the extra floorspace for doing large works and activities that require spreading out. With the cubbies now facing outward into the sunroom, we’ve been encouraging students to pay extra attention to how organized their belongings are.

Today, Kendall helped many of our students clean out all loose papers from their cubbies, asking them to place any unfinished work in its proper place in our classroom file cabinet, and any finished work or drawings into their bags to go home.

Please make sure that you and your child are making a habit of checking his or her bag at the end of the school day and emptying it of any work that has been brought home. Asking students to explain their work to you is a great way to check their understanding and help them reach mastery of the concept at hand!

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