Creating music and music stands.

This past week the Lower Elementary practiced quarter notes and half notes through body movement. They chanted different rhymes while stepping on quarter notes and sliding on half notes; marching on quarter notes and clapping a partner’s hands on half notes; playing the drum on quarters, cymbal on half notes. Moving the body while learning about music is fundamental to the Orff method because the child can feel the theory as well as understand it. All of this movement was to help them distinguish between one-beat and two-beat note values and led us straight into learning about 2/4 time.

The Upper Elementary strengthened their musical independence by performing body percussion and chants in rounds. This will help them gain the confidence to stick with their part when playing on Orff instruments and singing in parts. As some said, it’s kind of a scary, vulnerable feeling to do something different than those around you, but others pointed out that it’s also exciting!

The Middle Schoolers reviewed notes on the treble clef by using the hand staff. How convenient that there are five fingers and five lines on the staff! After the review, they played a new four-part song on Orff instruments. They did so well and we decided to invite Nancy for an impromptu concert!

Do you remember reading that the Montessori Method helps develop creativity? Not having music stands did not hold our Middle School students back, they simply did a work-around using clip boards and pencils to hold their music. Quite impressive!

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