Conversation hearts creative writing

On Valentine’s Day, each upper unit student was given a pack of conversation hearts. Their assignment was to incorporate all of the hearts in their pack to create a story.

Here is one from Chandler:

A Crazy Cooking Story

One day I was sitting at home, being bored, when I decided to make a cake with my friends. I called Jordan, Phoebe, Susanna, Julie, Chandler, and Devra, and invited them over. Julie said she would be a little late, and would call me or text me later. My team (my friends) and I looked up cake recipes on the internet. We chose a Valentine’s cake called “Cutie Pie” that said “Crazy for you, my love,” but we decided to take the writing off. The recipe went like this:


1 cup of sweet peas
2 cups of flour
2 eggs
1 ½ cups of milk
40 pounds of sweet love

Mix the eggs, milk, and sweet peas in one bowl, then pour the concoction into a bottle and shake it, shake it, shake it! Go, go, go! You can do it, baby doll, just shake those eggs, milk and sweet peas! Then add the flour and mix it all in with a smile. Then, to make sure it’s well mixed, high five the batter 20 times with your hands. Go one on one with the batter, don’t let it win! Then cook it on 325 Fahrenheit in the oven. Aren’t you going to ask me how long to cook it? 45 minutes!

We followed the recipe closely and put the cake in the oven to cook. Meanwhile, we decided to have a dance party. “Come on, it’s play time! Time to dance! Let’s boogie!” Susanna yelled. My favorite song came on. “It’s Rihanna! I love her music!” I said. We danced until the cake finished cooking, and then we tried to decide how to decorate it. The website offered to write on phrases like “marry me”, but we decided to just put chocolate icing on the cake. Then my friends had to leave. I said “Bye, I’ll miss you! Friend me on facebook and tweet me, even though I don’t have a twitter account!”

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