Construction Paper Stones

stones1 stones2 stones3 stones8 stones7 stones9 stones6 stones5 stones4McGuffey kids in grades 1-8 created beautiful stones from simple construction paper and glue. This was a really fun project with multiple steps (included here in case you would like to make these at home!)

  1. Using scissors or a paper punch, cut multiple pieces of construction paper.
  2. Brush a generous amount of Elmer’s glue between each layer, making sure you go all the way to the edges.
  3. Let your paper stack dry for at least a day, longer if it is really thick. Placing it near a heat vent is helpful.
  4. Shape your stone using first a razor blade (only a few of our older kids were able to do this safely; X-Acto knives and a cutting board worked well). Next lay coarse sandpaper on a table (it’s helpful to tape it down for younger kids) and scrape your stone across to reveal more layers.
  5. Refine your stone using fine sandpaper or sanding blocks. We tried out a variety of sanders including nail files and those flat sanding things you use to smooth out callouses on your heels but sandpaper and blocks worked best.
  6. Once you like the look of your stone, cover it with a thin layer of Mod Podge or similar glossy sealant.
  7. You can leave your stone as is, or turn it into a pendant, keychain, magnet or other useful (and beautiful) item.
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