Congratulations Matt!

MattNAMCEWe are pleased to share that Matt completed the Lower Elementary Montessori certification in December. We are grateful for all the time he put into this important training over nine months, especially the time he put in alongside his first year of teaching at McGuffey.

Here is what Matt has to say about Montessori and McGuffey:
Finding McGuffey and learning about the Montessori method, first by observing and then by completing my certification, has completely rekindled my love for teaching. One of the aspects of a Montessori education that I value the most as a teacher, now that I more fully understand the way it works in a Montessori classroom, is the emphasis on empowering students to “do it themselves” as much as possible. This can be found in the way that the classrooms are organized, the freedom of the two-hour work period, and the self-checking features built into so many of our materials. These pieces let us stand back and observe so that we have an even better idea of what to teach and present to each student next, in order to make the most of their abilities and interests, and it helps students learn how to take responsibility for their own success.

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