Intermediate: Discovery,curved mirrors, King Arthur and math

The Intermediate Unit discovered that, while looking for a water route to the Far East, Columbus landed at San Salvador and “discovered” a whole new world.  The “discovery” of America is sometimes compared with the landing of men on the moon.  We discussed who showed more courage and which of those events was more important – the 4/5’s had very interesting ideas!

In 4/5 science this week we explored the crazy world of curved mirrors. We all
look very funny in our convex and concave reflections! We also watch a few
videos and discussed how fiber optical cables work. These links are:

4/5 Read Aloud
We have just completed The Legend of King Arthur and The Knights of The
Round Table (the version by Roger Lancelyn Green). Next week we may view
some video clips from various pop-culture sources that are based on this book,
and then we will start the second in the Prometheus Project series.

Students in 4/5 Math continue to help with division and fractions, we enjoyed playing Zillo this week. There are almost a hundred different games to play with this cool, colorful tower, and we learned a new one. Next week we will have time to meet with each
student individually and review all that is in their portfolio. It is a good time to
catch up on any missing assignments, or to explore something even further!

To date, Mathathoners have collected over $900 for St. Jude Hospital.  If anyone still has pledges/donations, I will be sending the money to St. Jude next Monday (11/4).  If you would like to bring your money with you on Math Night (11/1) that would be great.  Again, thank you to everyone for their participation and especially to the donors for their generosity.

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