Social Studies is moving south! This week our study of the world moved to South America. Our first country is Chile, a long, skinny country on the west coast.

Chile is unique because it is so long. At the top of the country it is warm, while the bottom of the country sits close to Antarctica. There are even penguins on the southern tip of Chile! The Andes mountains span much of Chile and are home to the Andean condor, the Chilean national bird.

This week children are having the opportunity to build with Spanish blocks and other Chilean materials such as copper, lapis lazuli, and a traditional mate cup.

The children were especially excited about our Moai sculptures. Moai are monolithic sculptures that reside on Easter Island, a territory of Chile that sits 2,300 miles west in the Pacific Ocean. Nearly 900 of these sculptures were crafted between the years 1250 and 1500. Students were also thrilled to paint their own mini Moai and made them much more colorful than the originals!

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