Chemistry for 4/5/6 coming to a close

The students have had a wonderful time experimenting in science, using various reagents, subjecting substances to heat, letting their mixtures sit overnight, etc… The students all took great notes and used their notes to help them determine what substances were in their “unknown”. We had great discussions about the difference between “Experimenting in Science” and “Playing Around with Chemicals”, and all the students gained great skills as well as knowledge. (But we were all OK with having fun while cleaning up!)

chem1 chem2 chem3 chem4 chem5 chem6
Beginning in December, we will end this unit and begin a different one on the Systems of the Human Body. This goes along with their Health class on the Reproductive System. I know they will miss the Chemistry unit, but they will have a lot of fun learning about their bodies- inside and out!

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