Celebrating Fall

Over the last few weeks, we have been observing the changes in our environment that occur during the season of fall. The leaves have been changing color, birds can be seen flying south, squirrels and other animals are gathering food for the winter. We notice that we are wearing long pants and sweaters to keep warm as the temperatures drop.

In the meantime, we are reading books about fall and exploring all kinds of leaf activities—sorting, matching, punching, and making crayon rubbings. We’re assembling puzzles about the seasons. We had a fantastic visit from a McGuffey parent, Ashley Johnson, whose family owns Reserve Run Farm. She showed us two different types of hay that had been harvested in recent weeks and we got to see a video of their family running the machinery used in the fields. We learned about preserving food for both animals and people so that it will last longer and the sweetest part of all, we got to taste their delicious honey.

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