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Feeling Self Portraits

This semester in Peace the Upper Elementary students have been talking about emotions, feelings, and moods. We started off by looking at the Atlas of Emotions where we talked about the five “universal emotions” and emotional triggers. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Grammar in the Upper Unit

Upper Elementary and Middle School are finishing up a unit of grammar. The Montessori method of grammar instruction uses manipulative symbols for various parts of speech. UE enjoyed reading the Parts of Speech fairy tale, which is a method of … Continue reading

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Population Density

This semester the Upper Unit students are learning about the physical and cultural geography of Asia. We began with a look at the differences in land mass, total population, and population density between North America and Asia. Using the data … Continue reading

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#Take3 for PE

The students of McGuffey Montessori found a way to combine being outdoors and active with doing something good for the community. Taking our inspiration from the Facebook group #Take3 Oxford our students set out to pick up trash in our … Continue reading

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Cell Biology and Genetics

Upper Elementary has been studying cell biology, using models, books, online resources and three part cards to study the organelles of animal cells. Each student made a play dough model of a cell. In the student-made cell above, you can … Continue reading

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Chinese Opera

McGuffey students recently attended a performance of Jing-Ju Opera presented by the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts. Jing-Ju Opera, combines music, singing, mime, dance, and acrobatics. Jing-Ju Opera costumes are graceful, with handcrafted embroidery. The makeup is rich in … Continue reading

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Simple Acts of Kindness

Every year we go to Glen Helen we spend the week with students from another school. This year our students surprised us with a simple act of kindness. The “Golden Dustpan” is a Glen Helen prize for the cleanest dorm. … Continue reading

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The Map Game in the Upper Unit

The Upper Unit students are learning about landforms, how to read a map, and more with the Map Game. The Map Game incorporates Social Studies, Math, Science, and ELA in an interesting format and is scaled for students of different … Continue reading

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Inventing with Little Bits in the Upper Unit

Middle School and Upper Elementary students began Science this year by exploring Little Bits’ STEAM curriculum. Little Bits are electronic building blocks that allow students to easily build circuits and create inventions with them. During the first weeks of school, … Continue reading

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The Upper Unit Breaks Out

Upper Unit students started the new school year with a teambuilding exercise. They worked together to solve a series of puzzles and open a set of locks in a limited amount of time. This “breakout box” provides an immersive experience … Continue reading

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