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Plant Unit

First and second grade are near to completing a unit about plants. Students planted seeds that have been growing in a light box in their classroom. Growth has been documented in plant journals during the life cycle which lasts about … Continue reading

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Both the Primary and Lower Elementary classrooms made bread. Primary students are studying solids, liquids and gas. Talking about how bread rises is a perfect and delicious way to learn. Students also worked together making butter to eat with their … Continue reading

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High School students recently used microscopes as an introduction to cell biology. They looked at different types of cells, including their own cheek cells, to observe the similarities and differences among them. Other students had a “Chemistry in Biology” lab, in … Continue reading

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Canoeing Trip

Our high school students had the good fortune of a beautiful fall day to canoe and hike at Hueston Woods. We were guided by naturalist Shawn Conner who gave expert advice on how to to paddle, how to stay upright … Continue reading

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The Plant Life Cycle

Lower Elementary students have been studying plants this month. All grades have been talking about the anatomical structure of a flower, and had an opportunity to dissect one and identify its parts. First and second graders have been growing plants, … Continue reading

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In Physical Science, students created electromagnets by wrapping copper wire around an iron nail or bolt. Different numbers of coils, as well as different voltages, affected the strength of our magnets, as you can see from the photos! We also … Continue reading

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Celebration of Learning

The Upper Unit students were proud to welcome their families to this year’s Celebration of Learning. They cleaned the whole classroom, arranged flowers, decorated the board, and created work plans so that their families could sample their Upper Unit work. … Continue reading

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Aeroponic Garden

High school students have been learning from and experimenting with an indoor, aeroponic garden this semester.  We have been monitoring how long it takes for different kinds of seeds to germinate and then produce enough yield for a harvest.   We … Continue reading

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Boris the Mantis

Our students discovered a visitor living on a plant that recently came into our classroom.  Watching and learning about this beautiful mantis became a daily practice. The students even put democracy into action to choose a name. 

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The Nature of Energy and Chemical Reactions

Students in Physical Science have been exploring the nature of energy and different types of chemical reactions. In Chemistry, we learned how physical and chemical properties can be used to identify substances. We distinguished among different metal salts by the … Continue reading

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