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SOARing at McGuffey

It’s Fall and SOAR is in the air! SOAR, or Students Outside And Running, is an all-school running and walking program that inspires fun and fitness during the noontime recess and P.E. for two weeks. The entire McGuffey community takes laps … Continue reading

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Learning Yoga at McGuffey

McGuffey students have begun yoga practice with the help of yoga instructor Jill Levenderis. Students in every classroom will be enjoying four weeks of yoga instruction, which will give them a basic foundation in yoga and knowledge of several basic poses. Yoga … Continue reading

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Grassroot Soccer Partnership Next Month

McGuffey is pleased to partner with Grassroot Soccer and the Miami University Women’s Soccer Team in raising money for at-risk youth around the world. McGuffey parent Jon Ralinovsky kicked off this program with a generous donation that brings Jessica Byron … Continue reading

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Tai Chi and Taekwondo: Soft and Hard Martial Arts at McGuffey

This year at McGuffey, our students have had the opportunity to study Tai Chi and Taekwondo. Both are martial arts; Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art) emphasizes softness, balance, and yielding, while Taekwondo (a Korean martial art) emphasizes hard strikes, … Continue reading

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Teamwork Runs in Physical Education

In Physical Education this year, we have been working on exercising our smile muscles while we get active. The teamwork runs we recently did are a great example. The classes all participated in a multi-stage relay event. Groups of 2 … Continue reading

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Ice Skating!

Yesterday was our first day of ice skating! This is an opportunity for students big and small to spend some time on the ice, using a combination of strength and balance to keep themselves upright and moving. Beginners and experienced skaters … Continue reading

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Sunday SOAR

Each time we run our SOAR program, we pick a weekend day to walk on Miami’s natural trails with our families. Students, parents, and friends joined us on Sunday afternoon to go for a three mile hike. Those who felt … Continue reading

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SOAR Has Begun!

Students school-wide are currently participating in SOAR (Students Outside and Running) every day during recess! SOAR is a McGuffey program that many students look forward to every year. A course is laid out around the playgrounds for students to run or walk … Continue reading

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Learning How to Play Lacrosse

Thanks to parent George Ironstrack, students in Lower Elementary and the Upper Unit learned how to play lacrosse last week. George shared some of the sport’s cultural history with our students, and brought in several varieties of lacrosse sticks to … Continue reading

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Staying active in winter weather with Taekwondo

It can be difficult to get outside and do our usual Physical Education activities when temperatures are below freezing and there are several inches of snow on the ground. McGuffey is fortunate to live only a couple buildings away from Oxford … Continue reading

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