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A Visit to TOPSS

This fall, High School students have been focusing on the United Nations Global Goals, a to-do list for the world. In 2017, world leaders agreed on 17 goals (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) to help heal … Continue reading

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Feeling Self Portraits

This semester in Peace the Upper Elementary students have been talking about emotions, feelings, and moods. We started off by looking at the Atlas of Emotions where we talked about the five “universal emotions” and emotional triggers. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Service Learning at McGuffey Montessori

On Wednesday, October 31st the eighth-grade class began their service learning work at the Oxford Family Resource Center. They will be volunteering there for the month of November. On their first visit, they were oriented to the facilities by director … Continue reading

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Simple Acts of Kindness

Every year we go to Glen Helen we spend the week with students from another school. This year our students surprised us with a simple act of kindness. The “Golden Dustpan” is a Glen Helen prize for the cleanest dorm. … Continue reading

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Leaf piles to keep and share

Last week Lower Elementary gathered rakes and wheelbarrows so they could build leaf piles for jumping. Our big tree out front has finally dropped most of its leaves, so it’s the perfect place for raking. Half the class worked to … Continue reading

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Wheel of Life: Food Chain of the Temperate Forest

As Lower Elementary continues their study of Biomes, they’re taking a closer look at the each of the six components that make up a biome. They’re currently exploring energy, which means understanding its importance and observing how it is exchanged … Continue reading

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Happy Grandparents Day!

Sunday, September 10th, is National Grandparents Day! To celebrate, Lower Elementary made a video for their grandparents to show them how much they are loved. The video was written, directed, and filmed by the Lower Elementary students.

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Foot Painting

The nicer weather allows Primary students the opportunity to take enrichment outside. Today we painted—with our feet! We don’t have many photos to share, as the teachers were busy putting paint of the feet of some very eager artists. They … Continue reading

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Sign Language in Primary

A tenant of the Montessori classroom is respect; respect for productive work, respect for our environment, and respect for the feelings of others, to name a few. To show respect, the Primary classroom uses sign language frequently during our day. By … Continue reading

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Democratic Meetings in the Upper Unit

Every other Wednesday, our Upper Unit students get a chance to shape their world. Democratic meetings give our students the opportunity to make changes to their classroom and their school. Students have the opportunity to come up with ideas for … Continue reading

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