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Rhythm Circle

This year, Grade 6 students will spend the first part of the year’s Music classes participating in a Rhythm Circle. Guided by Elizabeth, the members of the group join together in creating group rhythms. If you’ve been in a Drum … Continue reading

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Primary Welcomes Back Returning Students

It’s always exciting to see familiar faces walking through the door. One of the most wonderful things about teaching a mixed-age classroom is seeing children grow and mature. Primary staff were thrilled to see their returning students settle right back into old friendships … Continue reading

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Day 2 of Slow Start in Lower Elementary

  Today was the second day of our Slow Start program in Lower Elementary and Primary! Here are some snapshots from the day in Lower Elementary. Returning students in Grades 2 and 3 enjoyed spending time with familiar works and … Continue reading

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Talking about spring in Primary

While we were away for break, the seasons shifted to spring! Primary has been taking note of the signs of spring around us—warmer weather, rain storms, spots of green peeking out of the ground, and many birds returning to our … Continue reading

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Writer’s Workshop

Students in Lower Elementary have been studying creative writing this semester, and they’ve recently begun producing Writer’s Workshop books. For these books, students are allowed to choose from various kinds of paper, some with more space for writing than drawing, … Continue reading

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Tai Chi and Taekwondo: Soft and Hard Martial Arts at McGuffey

This year at McGuffey, our students have had the opportunity to study Tai Chi and Taekwondo. Both are martial arts; Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art) emphasizes softness, balance, and yielding, while Taekwondo (a Korean martial art) emphasizes hard strikes, … Continue reading

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Winter Creations and Executive Function

Yesterday, while the students from Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School had fun playing in the snow, they were also developing important executive function skills. These are the mental processes that help us focus, plan, and achieve goals. The … Continue reading

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Teamwork Runs in Physical Education

In Physical Education this year, we have been working on exercising our smile muscles while we get active. The teamwork runs we recently did are a great example. The classes all participated in a multi-stage relay event. Groups of 2 … Continue reading

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Music at the Farmer’s Market

On a beautiful, crisp Saturday this fall, our students had the opportunity to give a gift to Oxford by singing at the weekly Uptown Farmer’s Market. The students sang the songs they’ve been practicing and played instruments to accompany their music: recorders, … Continue reading

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A Listening Walk with Partners

As part of the Primary Peace curriculum, we read The Listening Walk, a book about a father and daughter who take a walk in silence, but mindfully listen to the world around them. We thought this would a fun exercise … Continue reading

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