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Roman Numerals in Mathematics and Language Arts

Many Montessori materials contain elements that link to one another, often bridging the gap between two or more content areas that might seem like an unlikely match. Take the use of Roman numerals, for instance. The first place that many … Continue reading

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Prime Numbers with Nancy

At McGuffey, we all wear different hats—from the literal hats and caps that students wear on Crazy Hat Day (see above for our friend in the fuzzy hat, left hand corner) to the symbolic hats that staff members wear when they … Continue reading

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Learning about fractions in Lower Elementary

This week, Lower Elementary students have been working with fractions. They’ve learned that fractions can be equivalent to each other even if they’re not written exactly the same, and also that we can tell which fractions are greater than or … Continue reading

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“Oh how we hate to get up in the morning!”  

This year, students in Grades 7 and 8 have made shifts in order to arrive at school to start mathematics at 8:30am. This allows them to receive a full 60 – 90 minutes of math each day. Marcia, their mathematics … Continue reading

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How About Dem Apples

The 6th grade students have begun Pre-Algebra. This past week we reviewed the coordinate axis system and how to plot points.  As a fun activity each student created an apple by plotting given points and then connecting them. They all … Continue reading

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Upper Elementary Math

Grades 4 and 5 have been working on a variety of topics in math these past weeks.  Some 4th and 5th graders are beginning using the Decimal Materials to look at how they can add decimals and “regroup” when necessary. … Continue reading

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Lego Challenge: Solving STEM problems in Lower Elementary Science

The Lower Elementary students took a break from their vertebrate studies this week to do a Lego challenge. Each student had to build a Lego model from a limited number of pieces that fulfilled certain criteria. Much counting and planning … Continue reading

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Lower Elementary Math

Students have enjoyed learning how to multiply on the checkerboard with a 2-digit multiplier. Measuring perimeter designs was a hit!

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Algebra 1 Project

Recently, students in Algebra 1 created graphs of their names using only line segments. They were then required to find the equation of each line and identify the domain or range needed to limit the line to the necessary length. … Continue reading

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Lower Elementary

In the lower elementary room with Carla and Kris, students love math! Below are pictures of students working on division using different Montessori works. Test Tube Division: Golden Bead Two Digit Division: Skip counting with the Small Bead Chains: And … Continue reading

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