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Catapulting in High School

High School students had a great time creating catapult experiments to study quadratic equations. The catapults were built with popsicle sticks, bottle caps, clothes pin, and a hot glue gun. Students used properties of parabolas to graph quadratic functions and identified characteristics … Continue reading

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Kites in Geometry

Students in Geometry classes have been putting their mathematical skills to practical use, designing kites for this windy, spring weather! Each student came up with a different design and took class time to execute their plan.

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Celebration of Learning

The Upper Unit students were proud to welcome their families to this year’s Celebration of Learning. They cleaned the whole classroom, arranged flowers, decorated the board, and created work plans so that their families could sample their Upper Unit work. … Continue reading

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Upper Elementary Mathematics

The Upper Elementary students are busy using Montessori materials to learn mathematical skills. The multi-colored manipulatives help them grow in understanding as they move from concrete representations to more abstract concepts. These materials, familiar from their experience in Lower Elementary, … Continue reading

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Fun with Geogegbra

The Middle School math students began using Geogebra today. Geogebra is an online tool that uses geometry, algebra, graphing, and more to help increase mathematical literacy by presenting these concepts in an engaging, visual manner. Kadriye Walsh, our new Middle School math instructor, … Continue reading

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Working on Mathematics Skills in Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary students have been honing their Mathematics skills in a variety of ways, including challenging word problems that target specific critical thinking skills, iPad apps for memorization of Math facts, and self-guided workbooks. Montessori manipulatives also provide variety and excitement. This … Continue reading

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Playing Math Games in Upper Elementary

Math is fun! That’s what Upper Elementary students are learning as they work on their Mathematics skills using several games. These games work on drilling skills like multiplication and division while making the experience more enjoyable for the students. Ask … Continue reading

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Practical Applications for Math

“When will we ever use this?” is a question that all Math teachers often hear. Our Grade 7 Pre-Algebra students have been learning about ratios, proportions, and similar figures. They put their knowledge into practice by using “indirect measurement” to find the height … Continue reading

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A Glimpse into Lower Elementary’s Work Period

Students in Lower Elementary have been delving deeper into the Albanesi Mathematics Curriculum over the past week, as well as continuing their work with Ingrid on growing their own succulent plants. We’ve also been working hard on time management skills, … Continue reading

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Getting Into the Swing of Things in Lower Elementary

Now that we’re on our fourth week of the school year, students in Lower Elementary (both new and returning) have begun working with some of the traditional Montessori materials that they will be revisiting throughout their entire time in our … Continue reading

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