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Exploring History Through Fictional Characters

This year in ELA, we are tracing some of the major events in American history and exploring the ways in which history can be conveyed through the experiences of fictional characters, often presented as a blend of documented “truth” and … Continue reading

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Ice Skating

This year we were able to return to the Goggin Ice Arena on Miami’s campus for our annual ice skating sessions. A good time was had by all and many of our students improved quite a bit over the three … Continue reading

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Staff Challenge—Accepted

McGuffey High School students challenged the school staff to collect 120 “drops in the bucket” during the month of January. The students produced a short video explaining how filling or depleting buckets affects our relationships and outlining their challenge to … Continue reading

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High School P.E.

Our high school students have enjoyed a variety of activities for Physical Education this fall. We’ve been outside for most of it- barring a few rainy days. We’ve had fun while practicing the skills for numerous lifetime sports, including bocce, … Continue reading

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Each November at the high school, we talk about gratitude. Last year, we read about and listened to speakers explain the importance of practicing gratitude to cultivate a happy life. We engaged the topic through our Seminar discussions. This year, … Continue reading

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Boris the Mantis

Our students discovered a visitor living on a plant that recently came into our classroom.  Watching and learning about this beautiful mantis became a daily practice. The students even put democracy into action to choose a name. 

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The Nature of Energy and Chemical Reactions

Students in Physical Science have been exploring the nature of energy and different types of chemical reactions. In Chemistry, we learned how physical and chemical properties can be used to identify substances. We distinguished among different metal salts by the … Continue reading

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High School Biology

In Biology, we have been learning about the structures, organization, and reproduction of cells using a variety of hands-on experiences. Students prepared their own slides from living cells, and even took their own photos!

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