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Streaming Graduation

McGuffey’s Graduation and Moving Up Ceremony will be streamed on our YouTube channel starting at 6:00pm.

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High School Sewing Projects

McGuffey High School students have loved visiting our next door neighbor, Thread Up Oxford, which has an abundant supply of fabrics and sewing notions. Students are inventing new projects every week with their inspiring finds while learning how to use … Continue reading

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A Visit to TOPSS

This fall, High School students have been focusing on the United Nations Global Goals, a to-do list for the world. In 2017, world leaders agreed on 17 goals (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs) to help heal … Continue reading

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Catapulting in High School

High School students had a great time creating catapult experiments to study quadratic equations. The catapults were built with popsicle sticks, bottle caps, clothes pin, and a hot glue gun. Students used properties of parabolas to graph quadratic functions and identified characteristics … Continue reading

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High School students recently used microscopes as an introduction to cell biology. They looked at different types of cells, including their own cheek cells, to observe the similarities and differences among them. Other students had a “Chemistry in Biology” lab, in … Continue reading

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Chief Diplomat

Our High School students recently had a hands on experience learning more about the executive branch of the US government, namely that one of the roles of the president is Chief Diplomat. Students learned that a US government official delegation … Continue reading

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McGuffey House Museum

Our HS students visited the McGuffey House Museum on Miami’s campus where we learned about the origins of the name Miami and the origin of the name of our school. Many thanks to local experts Steve Gordon of the McGuffey … Continue reading

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Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photographer Steve Gifford visited our High School to show some of the amazing animals that live right in our area. He especially likes to take photos of bobcats. Many of his photos have been used by the US Fish … Continue reading

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Congress and Interest Groups

In American Government, High School students discussed Congress and Interest Groups. They learned the differences between influencing, manipulating, lobbying, and bribing. By playing the roles of Senators and Interest Groups, they could manipulate language and ideas to see how money … Continue reading

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Canoeing Trip

Our high school students had the good fortune of a beautiful fall day to canoe and hike at Hueston Woods. We were guided by naturalist Shawn Conner who gave expert advice on how to to paddle, how to stay upright … Continue reading

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