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Aeroponic Garden

High school students have been learning from and experimenting with an indoor, aeroponic garden this semester.  We have been monitoring how long it takes for different kinds of seeds to germinate and then produce enough yield for a harvest.   We … Continue reading

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Don’t You Forget About Breakfast Club

On Wednesday the Upper Unit brought back a fun experience from last year: Breakfast Club! A group of students planned “breakfast for lunch”, went to the grocery store and did the shopping, and prepared and cooked a meal for their … Continue reading

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Rainbow Artwork Exhibit in Cincinnati

Last month, students in Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary worked with Ayelet on rainbow artwork during Art class. Their work was sent to the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and is now on display as part of a children’s exhibition. Recently, a … Continue reading

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The Breakfast Club

The Upper Unit was treated to breakfast for lunch this week thanks to the work of our Grade 4 class. During our Democratic Meeting, this group of students created a proposal to have breakfast for lunch once a month which … Continue reading

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Making Gelato in Primary

Last week, Primary made gelato. They poured the ingredients for Italy’s tasty take on ice cream into the machine at morning meeting. By the time afternoon enrichment rolled around, their gelato was ready. While they enjoyed their taste of gelato, they invented different floors of gelato—some … Continue reading

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Baking Muffins with Partners

On Wednesday, our Middle School students and their Lower Elementary partners got together to make a snack for the school: gluten-free muffins for everyone. Since variety is the spice of life, they made two kinds: blueberry and apple streusel. This … Continue reading

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Primary’s Bread and Butter

Our Primary students recently made bread! Elizabeth brought in her bread maker and showed us how she adds all the ingredients. We talked about yeast, and how it helps the bread rise. (Science!) All morning we peeked in the window to see … Continue reading

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Pizza from the Primary garden

Now that it’s fall, the Primary unit is harvesting quite a bounty from their garden. Last week they gathered tomatoes, basil, and lettuce and turned it into a snack. During morning meeting they combined the ingredients and made a sauce. … Continue reading

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Primary goes back in time

As part of our study of the United States, Primary took a trip back in time! When the students arrived in the morning, they noticed things looked a bit different. Their classroom had been transported back to the 1800s! We … Continue reading

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Pizza from the garden

Last spring, some classroom parents (who happen to be farmers) helped the Primary class start a vegetable garden. We enjoyed watching it grow in the spring, and when we returned in the fall, we discovered we were pretty good farmers! … Continue reading

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