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Color Party

Yesterday in Art, Ingrid hosted a “color party” for students in Lower Elementary. Grade 1 students study the color wheel every year, but this year our students in Grades 2 and 3 got involved and helped prepare for the party, making … Continue reading

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Paper and Concrete Bling Bowls

McGuffey students in Grades 1 through 8 have been experimenting with various types of concrete and paper mixtures. Grade 1 students created bowls out of shredded construction paper and concrete. This project had multiple steps and required some patience as our bowls slowly … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

Many Upper Unit students are participating in the Oxford NAACP’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Art Exposition this year. This annual event celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through the visual and literary arts. The students’ work will … Continue reading

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Art 101

McGuffey’s Art curriculum is designed so that most students are working on similar projects at the same time, regardless of grade level. While this certainly helps prevent utter chaos in our studio space, it also teaches the concept that the materials … Continue reading

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The Process and Product of Paper Chains

The phrase “process over product” is often heard when discussing topics in Art education. Our recent exploration of paper chains has demonstrated this concept nicely. We started with group instruction on creating a chain of images. As students began to … Continue reading

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Displaying Self-Portraits in Lower Elementary

After lots of planning, Lower Elementary happily unveiled their new display of student self-portraits in the classroom recently. Each student’s self-portrait is now framed and sitting on a ledge shelf in our upstairs classroom space. This is quite an upgrade, and students have … Continue reading

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Sketchbooks in Lower Elementary

Students in Lower Elementary received brand new sketchbooks yesterday afternoon and began adding to them immediately! We offer time for free-drawing daily in Lower Elementary. Halfway through lunchtime, the room transitions into a quiet lunch, and a teacher reads aloud. … Continue reading

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Chalk and Water

The Primary unit always has chalk in our outdoor classroom, but today we experimented with what happens when you add water. The children were so excited to see what happens when you throw a curve into a traditional medium.

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Self-Reflection in Art Class

Students in Lower Elementary created “tools for self-reflection” (more commonly known as mirrors) this week in Art class. They used plastic mirrors, matboard, and various collage items, and for this project, they had to complete a full design before moving forward … Continue reading

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Zen Gardens

Upper Elementary students recently created personal zen sand gardens. While this project seemed quick and simple at first, students soon realized it was one that required patience. Glue must be allowed to dry completely, sanding must be done carefully, and the … Continue reading

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