Car Safety Testing in Upper Elementary

P1060251 P1060250 P1060253 P1060277 P1060285 P1060283Upper Unit Students have studying Physical Science since spring break. As part of their work with force, speed, and Newton’s Laws of Motion, Upper Elementary students designed, built, and crash-tested cars this week.

Each car had a plastic egg passenger which needed to be protected while riding as fast as possible down a steep ramp and then crashing into a wall of books. In addition to making the cars as fast and safe as possible, students had to make their cars comfortable, fun, and stylish in order to appeal to their egg customers.

Students listened to the design parameters, designed, built, tested, and modified their vehicles within a strict time limit, and then presented their car’s features during a final crash test. The variety of designs was impressive, and the engineering process a success: every egg passenger survived their wild ride without a scratch.

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