Braving The Cold During Extended Day

ExDay1 ExDay2 ExDay3 ExDay4Last week’s arctic blast changed up our usual plans for Extended Day, as we began setting up crafts and games inside to stay warm. A few determined snow-sculptors braved the cold, however, and built an igloo using the the plastic bins that had been left on the playground to help spread the latest batch of mulch. By the end of the day, after only a few hours of work, the igloo stood around four feet tall – and since the weather remained quite cold for the rest of the week, the igloo has continued to grow a bit taller each day.

A reminder that any children who attend Extended Day need to have boots, gloves, and a winter coat to be allowed to go outside in this weather, especially as the sunset and its accompanying drop in temperature begin to inch their way earlier into our afternoons.

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