With age comes new privileges, and students are often looking ahead to the freedoms they will experience when they grow into the older, mentor students in a classroom. Though we spend most of our time together, the third graders love having the privilege of breaking off into their own separate group for their special biomes curriculum. Third grade biomes becomes a coveted experience that students look forward to, and students soak it up when their time finally comes. 

We just finished studying the wetlands biome by diving our work into different aspects of life on the bayou of Louisiana—lifestyle, practices, traditions, geography, history, and plant/animal life. Students were excited to learn about Mardi Gras, how the French influence brought this holiday to the area, and how it has grown into a life of its own in modern-day Louisiana. 

Third graders dove in with enthusiasm, studying what the traditional costumes worn on Mardi Gras meant, what the colors represent, where the tradition stemmed from, and how it has evolved over time. To celebrate their newfound knowledge, third graders decided to design, and then create, their own Mardi Gras costumes. Despite being limited to only paper, staples, glue and tape, the students made some incredible creations featuring traditional Mardi Gras colors, hats, masks, and even fringed accessories. 

We can’t wait to see what comes of our next biome; off to the desert we go! 

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