Intermediate: BFG, Mirrors, Light and Zillo

Follow the BFG by Roald Dahl with the intermediate unit as we explore fiction. We are studying plot elements, character and conflict. The BFG, the big friendly giant, has his own language that is hard for Sophie, the main character to understand. For example the BFG calls human beings “human beans”. We have had fun trying to come up with our own “giant language”:

English Word=Giant Word

Please encourage your student to read at home. The first trimester is coming to a close and we are still trying to reach AR goals!

4/5 Science is continuing to experiment with mirrors and the reflection of light in science. The students had the chance to make a corner with two mirrors and place a third on the bottom and try to figure out the paths the light took as it bounced around and made many reflections. Next week we will begin work with curved mirrors and Lenses.

In 4/5 Math, the students moved further with their study of division and fractions. We began playing a game called Zillo. It has many ways to play, but they all reinforce the concepts of factors and multiples- very helpful with division and fractions. The students who chose to play really had fun. We will explore the many ways to play this game throughout the school year.

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