Berry Basket Weaving

baskets3baskets4baskets5baskets6baskets7baskets2 baskets1baskets8baskets9Our first art project of the school year seemed to showcase the variety of personalities that exist within our student body. Hidden among the many treasures of supplies in the art room is a large box full of plastic berry baskets (not that easy to find these days!) Students in grades one through eight used simple weaving methods to fill their baskets with a variety of colors and textures. We started with plainer and larger ribbons and yarn to fill spaces, then added details with thinner yarns, ribbons and beads. This project gave students several opportunities to problem solve; some items needed to be secured with tying knots while others required fabric or hot glue. Plastic yarn needles work best for  some yarns while fingers or metal tapestry needles proved better for others.

The green plastic baskets weren’t very exciting to the kids when first presented, but the end results were pretty amazing. In the process vs. product debate, I would call this one a tie.

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