Trivia Night baskets

Please make a contribution to Trivia Night by helping us stock the baskets we’re preparing for the auction! Once an item has been supplied by someone, we will cross it off and grey it out so that it looks “like this.” It is the support of our volunteers and sponsors that make this event possible, so please help us by doing your part.

To claim and item to contribute, please email Wendy Duvall. We will send you a confirmation and instructions as to where to deliver your contribution.

Bake with your kids
– adult and child aprons
– kid-size kitchen tools
– mixes or ingredients
– recipes or recipe book

Coffee basket
– thermal mug
– coffee
– biscotti or other cookie
– Kofenya gift card

Plant an organic garden
– organic seeds
– adult and/or child-size garden tools
– adult and/or child-level book on organic gardening
– gift card to a nursery etc.

Retro art fun
– Shrinky Dinks
– Lite Brite
– Spirograph
– other 70’s classic toys
– 70’s patterned scrapbook paper
– book of art/craft ideas, etc.

Movie night at home
– fun popcorn containers (Target usually has these)
– popcorn
– popular DVD
– other small items that go with the DVD theme

Family board game night
– several classic and/or new family games
– packaged snacks
– popcorn

Help the earth
– water-saving faucet gadget
– Kill-O-Watt meter
– kitchen compost pail
– sample of compostable trash bags
– kid/adult books on conservation

Explore Oxford
– maps of Oxford’s natural areas and hiking trails
– binoculars
– flashlight
– magnifying glass
– critter net
– bug cage
– bird/bug/plant field guide
– compass

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