Back to School #36

For the thirty-sixth year McGuffey is happy to welcome students and teachers back to school. In June we had the pleasure of hosting many of the founding families for Janet Kretschmer’s Celebration of Life. What a treat to hear about all the work that went into starting the school. I wonder if they knew what kind of legacy they were starting.

We are adding ten new families and fifteen new students across the school to our learning community. I am happy to be entering my sixth year as Head of School.

I love to think about all the people who have contributed with love and kindness to the life of McGuffey over the years.

At some point, parents and staff envisioned and built the well-used picnic pavilion, oversaw the pouring of the driveway that connects the Main Building with the Annex, made countless trips to Ikea, researched and implemented our Montessori transition and have guarded the vision and values through governance. Just this past weekend parents came in to clean, weed, install pavers, and sew. We look forward to seeing our new families add their own unique blend of talents and skills.

How lucky we are to continue the work that Janet and so many dedicated parents started 36 years ago.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018-19 school year!

Nancy Hawthorne
Head of School


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