Ants and Bees

The Primary unit has been studying bees and ants. We began by learning how important each of these insects are to our environment. Ants help keep soil healthy and bees both pollinate flowers and make delicious honey. We learned that ants and bees have several similarities: they both have three body parts, six legs, and two antennae. They are also dissimilar in the number of eyes and colors they can be. We spent time discovering how each live, both in colonies, but the nests differ drastically.

On the science shelves are a multitude of works to explore. Some children have enjoyed drawing the four parts of the any life-cycle. We have bees to count and an insect floor puzzle to put together with friends. There are resin cubes with preserved ants and bees for closer inspection and a sweet bee with paintbrush to make sure plenty of pollen gets on the bee while it uses it special straw-like mouthpart.

Knowledge of their environment helps engender a feeling of compassion in children for all insects. We have had numerous discussions on how to protect insects in our outdoor classroom as well as any outdoor space they may visit.

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