Another visit from Author and Illustrator, Will Hillenbrand.

On Wednesday, grades 1-8 were treated to a presentation by Will Hillenbrand, who visited the Primary class on Tuesday. I asked grades 6/7/8 to contribute a comment about his presentation:

I liked when he talked about how he makes the artwork on different sides of the paper. -Camille

The author did a great job conveying different types of artwork while still entertaining the younger students. -Patrick

I thought he was really funny, the way he said everything in a monotone even though he was hilarious. -Haden

I learned to always have a backup backup backup backup backup backup notebook. -Zoe

I like how he explained his drawing process. -Jasper R

I liked how he took pictures of random things then used them to make the illustrations in his books. -James

I liked how his illustrations were a mix between cartoonism and realism. -Darien

I liked how he used sketches for his ideas and took a sketchbook wherever he went. -Andrew

I liked it a lot and it was fun. -Eli

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