Algebra, Proportion and Tinkerplots

7th graders are making steady progress in Algebra I.   This week, they continued working on translating English phrases and sentences into algebraic expressions and equations using variables.  During Learning Studio, they looked at how time on Earth is related to time of other planets.  The concept of the Golden Rectangle was also introduced.

6th graders are now learning how to solve proportions.  This week, they began looking at how proportions are used to find actual distances from a map using a given scale.  During Learning Studio, they reviewed Least Common Multiple and using Venn Diagrams.  They also began working on more involved application (word) problems.  

As a group, 6/7’s continued working with Tinker Plots to examine data.  They began working on how to describe a set of data given a line plot.   They have discovered that one can be either too vague or too specific.  
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