Aeroponic Garden

High school students have been learning from and experimenting with an indoor, aeroponic garden this semester.  We have been monitoring how long it takes for different kinds of seeds to germinate and then produce enough yield for a harvest.  

We used our first big harvest to prepare a lunch for our school staff.  Students trimmed, cut, washed, and dressed numerous salads. They also prepared an order form for custom-made sandwiches and three choices of dessert. The staff was well fed and the students enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the adult community of our school. This event was the finale of our Leadership Academy project which challenged all staff members to write encouraging messages to fill each others’ buckets during the month of January (see blog post from Jan 7). This act of service by our students was a rewarding experience for all. 

This week, we had one more harvest from the same plants and weighed a total of 1.5 pounds of leafy greens, which we distributed to our staff to enjoy at home.  

There are more seedlings ready to go into the tower to keep the cycle moving.  Maybe one day soon, we’ll have fresh greens for sale!

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