Adopt a monarch!

For the past few weeks, McGuffey has been running a booth at the Uptown Oxford Farmers’ Market. Children can adopt a monarch caterpillar and watch it grow and change into a butterfly.

The program is designed to teach local children about monarchs, which have the longest migration in the insect world. Monarchs fly more than 3,000 miles each fall to reach their wintering grounds in central Mexico’s Oyamel fir forest.

McGuffey students have been raising and studying monarchs for several years, thanks to parent Tom Klak, but this is the first time we have created an outreach program to extend the opportunity to the general public. To learn more, read the article the Oxford Press ran this week!

To learn more about monarch migration, check out this amazing episode of Nova, The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies. You can watch it online for free, and people of all ages will find it fascinating.

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