Since 1983, McGuffey Montessori School has fostered a life-long love of learning and scholarship in a joyful, loving environment that nurtures each child’s sense of self.

We understand how important it is for parents to choose the educational experience that is the best fit for their child. We encourage you to experience McGuffey for yourself by visiting our school. You will be delighted by the creativity and joy of our students, the dedication of our teachers, and the warmth you feel as you walk through our classrooms.

We make Admissions decisions based on many factors with consideration given to gender, age, and a comfortable fit within a Montessori environment as dictated by the balance of the existing multi-age class. We give priority consideration to children of alumni families and staff, siblings of enrolled students, children whose older siblings stayed for Kindergarten and to students with prior Montessori experience. 

If there is not currently room in a grade, we maintain applications on file as part of a waiting pool for two years. Families must have a completed application and fee on file to be in this waiting pool.

Application Process

  1. Come TOUR.  We are always happy to give tours as parents consider their schooling options. Schedule a tour by clicking here. It’s never too early to tour—we have babies on our list for the Fall of 2023.
  2. APPLY.  Submit an application through TADS including a $50 application fee. Families with a child already enrolled pay a $25 application fee. You must apply to be in our waiting pool.
  3. OBSERVE. Parents are asked to observe the classroom(s) to which they are applying for at least thirty minutes prior to arranging for the student’s visit. This gives prospective families a strong sense of what our school is like. These observations may be done together or separately.
  4. Once you have applied and observed, we will make a plan for your child to VISIT.  Spending time in one of our classrooms is the best way for students and staff to get a feel for whether we would be a good fit. Preschoolers visit for a half-day and students in Kindergarten through Grade 11 visit for a day.

Our tuition and fee rates for 2021-22 are available HERE.

For PreKindergarten we offer full-time, three-day and two-day options. All options are full-day. Two day options are only for new three year olds or students still two years away from beginning Kindergarten.

A deposit is required upon enrollment ($500 for part-time enrollment and $800 for full-time enrollment). The deposit is applied towards the tuition total and the balance is paid across monthly payments beginning at enrollment and ending in March. For more information about paying tuition and how discounts work, see How Tuition Works.

Financial Aid
McGuffey uses TADS, a financial assessment organization, to provide a framework through which household need can be measured fairly and equitably.  Recommendations from TADS will be sent to the Financial Aid committee at the school and we will use this information toward financial aid awards for each school year.

Financial aid is available on the basis of demonstrated need.  If you believe that your resources are not sufficient to meet the total cost of a McGuffey Montessori School education, you may apply. Financial Aid is limited and not available for PreKindergarten.

For currently enrolled students, initial aid decisions will be made based on applications completed by mid-March. After this date, you may continue to apply but funds may be limited. 

Use the links below to apply for financial aid. The worksheet provides an excellent overview of the process and what information you need to complete the application.

There is a $55 fee to apply for financial aid. Families applying for financial aid will be reimbursed for $35 if awarded financial aid and enroll.

Click here to apply at tads.comClick here to apply at

The McGuffey Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, family structure, or national or ethnic origin, in admissions, programs, employment, financial assistance, activities, use of facilities, or privilege onl


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