The McGuffey Montessori School is located in Oxford, Ohio. When the Miami University Lab School closed in 1983, a handful of staff and parents founded McGuffey Foundation School. Now the McGuffey Montessori School, it is a privately run school, educating students in preschool through Grade 8.

Innovative Academic Programs, a low student-to-teacher ratio, hands-on exploration and discovery, extensive field trips, and creative contributions from the larger community make the McGuffey learning experience unique, compelling, effective—and fun.

At McGuffey Montessori School, you’ll see solid basic education with a twist: kindergartners doing complex science experiments and seventh and eighth graders planning the details of their trip to Washington, DC; interactive science experiments and real-life industrial arts, individual instruction complemented by mixed-grade study partners; and workshops with visiting and resident artists.

In class after class, you’ll find secure academic structure with supported spontaneity. You’ll hear the exuberance of discovery. You’ll see the flash of insight. You’ll feel the goose-bumpy thrill of real learning in progress.

And you’ll wish, if you had to do it over, that you could go to McGuffey Montessori School, too. Learn more about our values and beliefs, or contact us to plan a visit.

Montessori Education

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More information about Montessori education is available from The American Montessori Society. Visit their website at www.amshq.org.

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