A New Friend!

Since we returned from winter break, the Lower Elementary class has made a new friend.


Rafaela Coelho is a senior at Miami University, finishing her degree in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Rafaelo reached out to us last fall to offer help during Miami’s J-Term.

Rafaela has been accepted into Teach For America (TFA) for the next two years. She will be working as a bilingual elementary teacher in Texas beginning next summer. She felt that spending a few weeks with us would help her begin to prepare for her new role. TFA is a program that allows college graduates without degrees in education to teach in areas of the country that are in need of qualified teachers (kind of a “Peace Corps” for teaching in the US).


Rafaela herself attended a Montessori/progressive elementary school in Indianapolis. During her time with us, she enjoyed seeing Montessori in action from a different perspective.

Friday was Rafaela’s last day with us for J-Term. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rafaela and have appreciated her willingness to jump right in. You may see her working at Extended Day and subbing this term.

It is clear to us that Rafaela is a natural teacher and will have important contributions to make wherever her career path takes her.

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