A big announcement

After months of strategic planning and action, the Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce that the McGuffey Foundation School is being renamed and reborn as The McGuffey Montessori School.

For years we have described ourselves as “Montessori-like”, “similar to Montessori”, “following Montessori principles”, etc. Well, the time is right to take the big leap. We will be officially a Montessori school in August, but we are rolling out the name now. We will continue to be a pre-primary through grade 8 school, and will be holding onto the values and ideas that make McGuffey unique among private schools. In the coming days, you will see promotional materials, banners, and other items carrying our new name.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about Montessori education, but if you prefer your information in the old fashioned paper format, just ask us for a copy of “What is a Montessori Elementary” or “What is Montessori Preschool”.

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