7/8th grade cell biology


As we begin to study the cell and all of its parts and their functions, the students are creating “Cell Books” that depict a typical animal or plant cell and all of its organelles. The pages are transparent, and the students draw and label a few organelles per page.  When they are stacked together they show the cell as complete. However, they can also turn the pages and see each of the individual organelles.

The students have also created “Cell Analogies” where they drew a picture of a something they thought was analogous to a cell and all of its organelles, then presented them to the class. We have cells represented as families, medieval cities, human bodies and more.

Next week, the class will have an assessment on this portion of the unit, which will involve creating a cell on a cookie with other small snacks. The students will need to describe what each piece represents and its function before eating their creation.

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