5th and 6th Grade Math

We are beginning the year reviewing, learning, and using problem solving techniques such as: making a list, identifying useful/necessary information, organizing information and work, looking for patterns, drawing a diagram, and following directions.  These are skills that will be useful to us throughout the year.  While we are working on our problem solving skills, we are also learning how to use manipulative such as Color Tiles, Pattern Blocks, and Base Ten Blocks to help us visualize problems in a more concrete manner.   We will continue to use a variety of manipulatives this year.

Throughout this year, we will also be encouraging students to persevere in their efforts to find solutions to both traditional and non-traditional mathematical problems.  “If at first you don’t succeed, try something different.”    We also will be working on students’ ability to clearly explain their strategies and solutions.

We are planning to have a “Math Night” in October which will include our kick-off for the St. Jude Mathathon. As we get further into the planning, we will send you more information.  Keep a look out for this event.  -Marcia and Heidi

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